5 Things You Might Not Know About Sarum Guitars

Hidden within Cross Keys Shopping Centre is an Aladdin’s cave brimming with musical instruments, specifically guitars. Adorned in all manner of finishes, from glossy wood to sleek plastics, each one performs a symphony of sounds when its glorious strings are strummed.

Welcoming enthusiasts with open arms, the staff share warmth and expertise, catering to true experts and novices alike. Within this luminous store, there’s an abundance of knowledge and talent waiting to be uncovered.

Prepare to be spellbound as we unveil five surprises about the enchanting world of Sarum Guitars! Keep reading and enjoy!

  1. Guitar Mastery Lessons!

Ever dreamt of mastering the guitar? Sarum Guitars can turn that dream into reality with their professional guitar lessons. Priced at £30 per hour, their experienced guitar teacher offers lessons for electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and bass guitars. With a proven track record of helping students gain confidence and skill, these lessons are a gateway to unlocking your musical potential.

  1. Rockstar Restringing Services!

Did you know that Sarum Guitars offers a comprehensive restringing service for both guitars and bass guitars? For a super reasonable fee of £20, they’ll restring your standard 6-string guitar, covering both electric and acoustic types, including the cost of the strings. Bass guitars are charged at £10 plus the cost of strings, ensuring that your instrument is always in top-notch playing condition. The best part, your instrument is in safe hands and you can relax knowing, it’s being truly taken care of.

  1. Expert Repairs!

Beyond crafting exceptional instruments, Sarum Guitars is committed to keeping your items in prime condition. They offer repairs for guitar amplifiers and guitars, with a specialisation in tube amplifier repairs. Led by highly qualified electronic engineers, their repair services are both affordable and guaranteed, providing total peace of mind for you!

  1. Tailored Setup Services so You Can Strum to Perfection.

Ensuring optimal performance of your instrument is crucial for every musician. Sarum Guitars understands this well and offers tailored guitar setup services that include new strings. Whether it’s a standard guitar setup or fret polishing, their skilled technicians will fine-tune your instrument to perfection, enhancing its playability and tone. 

  1. Finding New Homes For Your Pre-Loved Guitars!

If you have an old guitar or amplifier gathering dust, Sarum Guitars will give it a new lease on life! They buy pre-loved guitars and amplifiers for cash, offering top prices for instruments in good condition. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your gear or simply clear out space, Sarum Guitars provides a hassle-free solution for selling your musical treasures.

The wonderful Sarum Guitars is much more than a guitar shop; they’re a one-stop destination for all your musical needs. From restringing services to expert repairs, professional lessons, and instrument trade-ins, they cater to musicians at every level. So, the next time you’re searching for musical equipment or services, remember, think Sarum Guitars in Cross Keys Shopping Centre. They will be thrilled to see you and hear your story.

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