Live Escape Rooms Salisbury – The Perfect destination for your Christmas Party!

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration and creating memories together with your colleagues. Whilst Christmas parties are often grand and involve a formal dinner, there’s a hidden gem right in the heart of Cross Keys Shopping Centre that offers a unique team building experience. Live Escape Salisbury is the perfect destination for your upcoming party. Challenge your colleagues and family members to take on a Live Escape room experience this festive season. 

Live Escape can host up to 22 people in just two hours, if you have more players than that just let the team know! The incredibly helpful team will be willing to quickly turn around an escape room ready for more people to experience the challenge of escaping. 

New for 2023 at Live Escape.

New for 2023 – the team have introduced the Medieval Games. A host-led experience for up to 16 people in the medieval tavern. Split into two teams, you will compete against each other in a two hour medieval games to win gold for your team!

Once you’ve managed to escape, you can socialise with all of your colleagues in the stunning medieval tavern bar. Bookable online via the Live Escape website for Fridays and Saturdays throughout the festive season! 

If the medieval games aren’t for you, or you’re looking for a smaller festive family and friends experience, why not check out some of the other escape rooms available at Live Escape. 

The Smallsbury Toy Company is the perfect pre-dinner entertainment in Salisbury. This escape room is the latest board game inspired room at Live Escape. During this 75 minute experience you will be taken on a nostalgic journey through the 90s, solving puzzles and using your skills to close the vortex swallowing Smallsbury. This escape room is bookable for 2 to 6 players on the Live Escape website.  

If that doesn’t sound like a bit of you, why not check out their Brig Escape room. This game is available to be played on its own with up to 5 players or as part of a versus escape room experience for up to 11 players! During this escape room, you and your pirate crew will be chained up and locked in the brig, anchored in Salisbury Docks. The crew will be required to escape your floating prison and reclaim your treasure! 

Live Escape Salisbury, conveniently located in the heart of Cross Keys Shopping Centre is the ideal destination for your team’s Christmas celebration. Create lasting memories with your colleagues and family by challenging them to take on an escape room. Book your experience on the Live Escape website today and make this festive season one to remember! 

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